The Grand Rapids Boulder Park is for everyone. Please help us make it a welcoming . Encourage often, clean up, and minimize risk using the following guidelines.

And remember, Climbing is a dangerous sport. Climb at your own risk. 

Please observe the following guidelines to aid everyone’s safety. 

  1. Encourage often. Psych is contagious.
  2. Walk around (not under) people climbing. They could fall on you. Ouch.
  3. Finish at the last hold for new climbers. Topping out is discouraged.
  4. Warm up. Climbing puts strain on muscles and tendons.  
  5. Climb down from the top. Jumping is just crazy.
  6. Be kind. You may make a friend. We all need friends.
  7. Let each person figure out the route. Share beta when asked. Ask freely.
  8. Climb with an adult watching. Especially if you are under 13.

How to Boulder

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