The Grand Rapids Boulder Project is a group of climbers working with the American Alpine Club – West Michigan Chapter and the Grand Rapids City Parks and Recreation Department to activate Monroe North Park along the Grand River with a temporary boulder park in 2020. 

Temporary boulder parks are small rock climbing walls built for the public to enjoy. Our goal is to help provide access to rock climbing for everyone and create a lively adventure culture in Grand Rapids. We are particularly interested in welcoming new climbers and those who many not otherwise have access to the sport.


Our long-term goal is to create and activate a boulder park in the Grand River corridor to expand access to climbing and support the creation of an outdoor adventure city. Our goal aligns with the GR Forward Plan, River Restoration/Action Plan, Green Grand Rapid Plan and Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation Master Plan. It is our hope that this project helps to create a stronger community, one that is more united and active through climbing. Access to climbing for everyone, and especially underrepresented populations in climbing, is a key motivator.


West Michigan climbers began organizing in the fall of 2016 to encourage the Parks and Rec Dept. to add a boulder park to the current roster of park infrastructure. This push was in response to a broad call for input on the Parks and Rec Dept. master plan. A volunteer-led movement called the Boulder Project quickly grew to support the concept. 

Participation in this drive includes over 750 climbers, families, and local business owners. The project has held public meetings, met with parks officials, met with insurance representatives,  presented at city meetings, and advocated in other ways.

Boulder Park

A boulder park is a man-made structure consisting of climbing walls designed to look vaguely like outdoor boulders. The boulder park is designed to be enjoyable for all demographics. It will include two temporary 12 foot high boulders. Each boulder will have unique climbing features and be outfitted with removable climbing holds that allow for creative routes for various ability levels. These routes will change frequently to encourage repeated use. The boulders will be surrounded by manufactured wood surface. Informational signs will welcome visitors, inform of risk, highlight sponsors and explain bouldering. 

Other Parks

What People Say

Bouldering is a mix of strength, technique, and problem solving. And, its really fun.

Kyle H.

Climbing is growing in popularity. We want to make it accessible to anyone.

Charlie H.

Goal: Create the outdoor adventure city.

GR Forward Plan

Let’s build something together.

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